As then fisheries minister Joyce Murray prepares to announce her plan to transition the remaining fish farms out of B.C. waters, the industry is working hard to ensure they can stay.

The fish farm companies have warned the closures would eliminate thousands of jobs and hit First Nations hard. In addition to going to court, they’re using persuasion, financial agreements and social media to get First Nations’ support for the remaining fish farms to stay.

But is what they're saying true?

Bob Chamberlin of the First Nation Wild Salmon Alliance disputes the idea of massive job losses if the farms have to close. He believes the industry pumps up the job numbers as a scare tactic.

“I don’t believe for a moment that the lights are going to go out on coastal communities because this industry is going to be not as present as it was once before.”

In Episode 14 of The Salmon People, Sandra Bartlett examines how much impact the closure of fish farms will have on First Nation communities and looks at what other options they have.

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