Preventing Extinctions: A special Conversations event

There is a theoretical new era dawning in which the Earth will begin to recover and restore species and ecosystems at a faster rate than they are being lost: the Accretocene. In the creation of his book, Pelican’s Paradise, photographer Andrew S. Wright traveled from Gwaii Haanas in Haida Gwaii, to Palmyra Atoll in the south Pacific, to the Hawaiian island Kaho‘olawe, to the island of Okinoshima, Japan, and finally the Galapagos to offer a glimpse of the possibilities this new era holds.

A non-profit called Island Conservation collaborated with locals to protect species from extinction by removing invasives like rats, mice, and cats, which have decimated biodiversity. To date, Island Conservation has worked on the restoration of 65 islands across the world, protecting more than 500 species. Joined by biologist Gregg Howald in Conversation with Linda Solomon Wood, this one hour conversation offers a glimmer of hope for the future of biodiversity.

Conversations: Preventing Extinctions