Species at risk. Oceans in peril. Millions of refugees in crisis.

At a time when the Earth faces overwhelming challenges, the stories we tell have never been more important, offering vital data, insight and facts that give citizens the ability to make informed, responsible decisions.

Scientists warn us time is running out. But how can people take action if some of the most important stories are happening out of sight and out of mind, and even scientific facts are up for debate?

This past year has been one of the hottest in recorded history, and it also promises to be among the hottest in politics and the most flooded with disinformation.

It's a year when American politicians are hurling climate policy into the dust. And in Canada, glittering promises don't always lead to glittering policy.

Above all else, it's the year the rubber needs to hit the road on climate change action, and within this story are reasons to hope.

The Climate Solutions Reporting Project is a dramatic series about the world's fight against what may be the biggest threat to civilization we've ever faced — with a focus on Canada. The seeds of this project were planted in 2016 with the Reports from the Race Against Climate Change Kickstarter campaign.

Canada's National Observer (CNO) retains full editorial control of the Climate Solutions Reporting Project. The stories, investigations, podcasts, newsletters, videos, events and explainers in the project reveal problems and emphasize solutions. Thanks to the foundations and individuals listed below, these special reports, newsletters, and podcasts are offered free of charge to the public.

The project is supported this year by 800 CNO readers who donated to our last crowdfunding campaign (online gifts). It is produced in collaboration with The Institute for Sustainability, Education and Action (I-SEA) as well as the following foundations and philanthropists (2022):

  • McConnell Foundation
  • Trottier Foundation
  • Echo Foundation
  • Donner Foundation
  • Dragonfly
  • Ivey Foundation
  • BC Real Estate Foundation
  • Vohra-Miller Foundation
  • Acqueduct Foundation
  • Koerner Foundation
  • Consecon Foundation
  • Carol Newell
  • Rudy North
  • Willow Grove Foundation
  • Illahie Foundation
  • Esther Chetner Family Fund
  • Ottawa Foundation

Special Reports under the Climate Solutions Reporting Project include:

Newsletters and podcasts:

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