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The forestry industry is spending big to hype its green cred. The truth is not that simple

For weeks, slick earthy green and pastel orange ads touting the climate benefits of Canada's logging have flooded millions of  Facebook and Instagram feeds. The ads are one plank of a campaign by Canada's largest forestry lobby group — the Forest Products Association of Canada — to fight growing concerns about its impact on climate change and wildfires.

BC Greens table anti-greenwashing bill

The proposed law would prevent businesses from advertising misleading statements about greenhouse gas emissions associated with their practices. It would also target claims about the effectiveness of their climate efforts and require them to back their sustainability claims on a public website.

European court climate rulings a mixed bag

Europe’s highest human rights court threw out cases on Tuesday brought by six Portuguese youths and a French mayor aimed at forcing countries to meet international obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but sided with a group of senior Swiss women who also sought such measures.