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Meet the Ukrainian scientists making farms sustainable from space

Around midafternoon in Kyiv on Jan. 3, Oleksandr Dzhevaga watched from his computer as a rocket blasted through the sky. Although Dzhevaga lives in Ukraine, the rocket had nothing to do with Russia's war against the country. It was taking off from Florida, and onboard was a satellite custom-made to monitor the sustainability of millions of hectares of crops and forests worldwide. 

‘Better is always possible,’ Canada’s agriculture minister says, but there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to curbing climate pollution from farms

Several times last year, Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau found herself stomping through fields talking to farmers dealing with unprecedented floods, drought and hurricanes. The disasters were an "eye-opener" for many, hinting at a future where the climate crisis will make similar disasters more common — and worse. 

Be aware of what you wear

The focus on where our food comes from, what’s in it and its impact on the environment has been at the forefront of our consciousness and part of the public dialogue for quite some time now. But we haven’t been having the same conversation about our clothing.

The mystery of the dead apple trees

Adrian Arts’ apple trees were dying. But despite Arts’ best efforts — extra watering and tender care — nearly half the trees in the Okanagan farmer's orchard died two weeks later, just as they were starting to fruit. He had no idea why.