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Fossil fuel fashion has no place at Paris 2024 Olympics

Paris Olympics, Lululemon and the fossil fuel fashion fail: As the climate crisis threatens the future of sport and the health of athletes, retired professional athlete and Canadian Olympian Margo Malowney asks Team Canada sponsor Lululemon to address its reliance on fossil fuels and skyrocketing emissions.

World leaders meet in Brussels summit to push for nuclear energy

Such a summit would have been unthinkable a dozen years ago in the wake of the 2011 Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan, but a warming planet creating a need to phase out fossil fuels and war in Ukraine laying bare a dependence on Russian energy have turned the tables over the past half decade.

The climate capitalists

If changing the course of a major global industry seems out of reach, you might take heart from the students at Tvind high school in Jutland, Denmark, who built the world’s largest wind turbine in 1978.