Although most Canadians vote progressive, most big Canadian newspapers do not.

And as the Globe and Mail weighed in with what some on twitter viewed as a convoluted endorsement, voters took social media with the hashtags #OtherGlobeEndorsements and #MoreGlobeEndorsements in a campaign of public ridicule for the newspaper of record's endorsement of the Conservatives — minus Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The election-related caveat, which praised the Tories' "solid record" on the economy while scorning its leader's "rotten" governmental culture, has since been turned into a boisterous Twitter mockery:

Trudeau's hair, but with Mulcair's beard #otherglobeendorsements

— David Hains (@DavidHains) October 16, 2015

I endorse the Globe but not the Mail. #cdnpoli. #OtherGlobeEndorsements

— Ben Barnes (@idiotsyncracy) October 16, 2015

I endorse the reporting but not the editorials! #MoreGlobeEndorsements #OtherGlobeEndorsements #cdnpoli

— Efren Quiroz (@Exhibit_v) October 17, 2015

The publication was also roasted on its Facebook page, where Editor-in-Chief David Walmsley took questions and comments from the public on Friday. Some were serious, some were comical, and several included user promises to unsubscribe.

While the Globe and Mail's piece certainly takes the cake for the strongest voter response, here is a list of other federal candidate endorsements by other Canadian media outlets the public may wish to read before casting their ballots:

The Conservatives

Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, Conservatives, NDP, Liberals, media endorsements
Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau shake hands prior to the Globe and Mail hosted leaders' debate in September 2015. Photo by Canadian Press.

The Liberals


No endorsement

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