Scientists have found the world's first large-scale area of acidified water in the open ocean in the seas of the western Arctic.

The say the area of acidified water in the Canada Basin has expanded northwards by about 500 kilometres since the mid-90s.

It's also increased in depth by about 100 metres.

They report the area is now six times more acidic than it used to be.

Their study suggests the change is related to disappearing sea ice, which lets more acidic water from the Pacific flow north and increases the exposure of Arctic water to the air.

Ocean acidification is one of the effects of higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Scientists say it's already starting to affect animals from plankton to shellfish.

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Last week when I checked prevailing winds over Fort McMurray they were from the SE, then shifting to South, meaning these airborne acids would be blowing due North. I question whether the soot and particulate matter is the prime factor of causing mass thawing of the Arctic Ice cap? The acidification problem could be shared with emissions blowing East from China.

Free Trade with Asia may not have been free after all. The Corporations who fled North America to avoid stringent Emissions Abatement Regulations, exploit cheap labour and negligible environmental regulations in Asia should be rightfully called traitors to the North American workforce abandoned to maximize shareholder profits and more so ecocide of our fragile environments. The globe does not employ a selective umbrella, shedding off faraway airborne pollutants. Sadly the Air Shed is shared by all. Ref:

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Mar 3, 2017 - Environmenta Canada is considering this proposal and expects to respond ... substances disposed of in tailings in addition to direct release to air, water and land. ... Yet Alberta Environment has acknowledged that naphthenic acids are .... Cogeneration Plant, and Water Pipeline in the Fort McMurray Area, ...

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“The oil sands are a great resource for Canada, but our operation does have an impact ... reduce our total sulphur emissions by about 60 percent. This will have .... ann Dort-mcLean, president, Fort McMurray environmental association. □ ..... in 2011, alberta adopted the air Quality Health index (aQHi), which helps people.

Soot and particulate fallout on ice and snowpack creates the thawing effect = of a runaway train. Have our Provincial Environment Regulators given Work Order's to Heavy Industrial Emitter's of dust and particulate matter marching orders to install the finest & best Cyclone, Bag House, Electrostatic Precipitators, Flue Scrubbers, SCR Nox Scrubber Units to effectively minimize troubling emissions now allowed to disperse to the winds?