For several months, a number of people have slowed progress at Kinder Morgan's Burnaby Mountain site, often using their bodies to block traffic.

On March 9, Kinder Morgan obtained an injunction to exclude people from within 50 metres of their property line. That injunction was based on a statement of claim that named fifteen defendants.

Outside of the Supreme Court of B.C. on March 14, seven of the defendants in the Kinder Morgan injunction explained why they engaged in civil disobedience.

Sandra Ang

Sandra Ang, Parent educator: "My work with high risk families and children for the last 30 years has shaped my world view: to protect the best interest of the child. When my grandchildren ask, “What were you doing when this generation destroyed the planet for the next 1000 years?” I want to look at them in the eye and tell them, “I did everything I could.” I feel compelled to protect my children and everyone else’s children and do what it takes."

Eaerle Peach

Earle Peach, Musician, choirmaster, teacher: "I am in the unlikely and privileged situation of being able to effect the future of the planet. How could I possibly refuse such an opportunity?"

Gordon Cornwall

Gordon Cornwall, Retired software company owner: "My primary reason for civil disobedience is to combat climate change. The fossil fuel industry of which KM is a part puts us on a path to warming perhaps as high as 4 degrees Celsius this century. The Fifth Great Extinction which killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was caused by a temperature change of two degrees. Many species did not survive. This is what we are trying to prevent."

Thomas Chan

Thomas Chan, Mechanical Engineer Technologist: "My primary concern is the risk of a catastrophic tanker spill of diluted bitumen off the coast of British Columbia. From my review of the research, it cannot be cleaned up. This has been both studied and demonstrated. The federal government and NEB deny it. I cannot let that pass with a clear conscience."

Bina Salimath

Bina Salimath, Counselor, Mother, former chemical engineer: "Kinder Morgan is a foreign corporation working to increase the value of its stakeholders. I am a mom on this unceded Coast Salish territory working to increase the value of my family and community by saying ‘no’ to Kinder Morgan."

Yvon Raul

Yvon Raul, Retired high school science teacher: "I have six and a half grandkids – the half is on the way. I’m motivated by them. Their future is my life. We are investing so much money in an energy program compounds the negative effects on this planet. I wish all that money would go to renewable energy, something to excite the next generation. My grandkids are looking for something positive about life and repeating the mistakes of the past is not positive."

David Mivasair

David Mivasair, Rabbi: "I work with a synagogue in Thunder Bay and I’m the rabbi emeritus at Ahavat Olam in Vancouver. My motivation comes from the Scriptures: When God put Adam and Eve in the garden, God said to them, 'Behold my creation. Do not destroy it for no one will come after you to repair it.'"

Editor's note: This article was initially published on March 14. Due to an editing error, it was removed and then republished on March 15.

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