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Only a day after Kinder Morgan announced it would suspend all non-essential spending on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project, heavy machinery was at work digging at the site.

Nobody knows yet what this means for the pipeline, and Kinder Morgan has not responded to National Observer's request for a comment. It hasn't been confirmed that the company doing the digging is Kinder Morgan. Yet it has some worried.

"Obviously, we see they're still constructing," said Will George, an Indigenous opponent of the pipeline, and guardian of the Watch House on Burnaby mountain. "They said they were suspending construction. But there's a lot of construction near the watch house and heavy machinery going around."​

Construction site on Burnaby Mountain on April 9, 2018. Photo by Dylan S. Waisman

As noted by Kinder Morgan's chairman and chief executive officer Steve Kean in a talk with investors this morning, there's a lot of uncertainty around the project today.

“We are at a point where our spending would need to increase significantly, in order to get full construction activity,” he said.

“The need for certainty becomes acute at this stage. Full construction would reach $200-$300 million a month. That level is unsupportable unless we are confident that we can finish what we start.”

Canadian Hydrovac "Horizontal Directional Drilling"
Construction site on Burnaby Mountain on April 9, 2018. Photo by Dylan S. Waisman

As for George, he's certain he will continue his opposition. "We're just going to continue to push forward and make sure we're stopping them," he said.

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Thank You so much for your honest coverage of the KM proposed expansion.
I pass your articles on to friends who are only looking at the spin of mainstream media and the stories help me stay optimistic that if the truth is shown to people they recognize it and can act accordingly.

Thanks for helping us all bear witness to activities on Burnaby Mountain.