A provincial commission looking into the protection of vulnerable children in Quebec recommended on Monday the appointment of a youth-protection director to oversee the entire provincial system.

The Laurent Commission released a preliminary report Monday after the COVID-19 pandemic delayed its final report, initially due today, until April 2021.

The proposed provincial director of youth protection would act as a "guardian angel" and would have a role similar to that of a deputy minister, providing some consistency in how cases are handled across the province.

The commission found that the proportion of youth protection cases that are before the courts can vary from 30 per cent to 70 per cent from one region to another, suggesting the interpretation of the law needs to be clarified.

Having a director in place would mean they'd be better able to act on the numerous recommendations expected in her report due next year, said Regine Laurent, a nurse and former union leader who is heading the commission.

The commissioners recommend that the best interests of children should be at the heart of all interventions made by youth protection. Laurent says that means the child must be talked to about their present situation and their future, and their rights must be respected.

The special commission was sparked by the 2019 death of a seven-year-old girl from Granby, Que., after she was found in critical condition in her family home, even though she had been the subject of reports to the youth protection department.

However, Laurent's mandate was open-ended, casting a wide net on the system and how users navigate it.

Among the recommendations outlined Monday was that youth protection do better in dealing with Black and Indigenous youth, with services better adapted to the realities of those communities. Laurent deplored the over-representation of these families in the youth protection system.

A provincial commission looking into the protection of vulnerable #children in #Quebec has recommended a youth-protection director to oversee the child protection system. #polqc #CommissionLaurent

She also had positive words for those in the network who are overworked and under tremendous pressure.

“The workers are also in distress. They believe that the conditions of practice do not allow them to provide quality services, at the right time and in line with needs," Laurent said.

Hearings began in October 2019, and the commission said it has heard from more than 300 witnesses.

The commission also held 42 “regional forums” where it heard from more than 2,000 citizens and other stakeholders from across Quebec.

In a statement, junior health minister Lionel Carmant said the Coalition Avenir Quebec government intends to act swiftly on the recommendation of a director.

"The safety and well-being of every child is a top priority for the government," Carmant said.

"The creation of a position of national director of youth protection is very interesting and goes in the direction of my reflection."

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Nov. 30, 2020.

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