“Who does a 10-part investigation on wild salmon?”

We do, of course. As we come down to the final two days of our fundraising campaign, this question was a reminder of why our climate journalism is so critical. And our popular The Salmon People podcast was recently named one of Apple’s best podcasts of 2022.

A story about the decimation of the wild salmon population unravels into a bombshell investigation and a battle against government, industry and multinational corporations. The kind of forces and machinations that obstruct climate action in our country every day.

But what if we weren’t digging into these kinds of stories at Canada’s National Observer?

It would mean the barriers put up by powerful corporate interest groups to stop climate action stay concealed. It would mean political leadership would go unchallenged on climate issues when they need to be pushed more than ever. It would mean marginalized people most impacted by the climate crisis would go unheard. It would mean inspiring stories of innovation, scientific breakthroughs and the shift away from fossil fuels to a clean economy remain under the radar.

With your help, we will go much further in 2023 to drive the climate conversation forward. We are so close to making our goal — only $5,962 away.

Please donate and help us meet our goal of raising $100,000 by December 31st to expand our climate journalism in 2023. With only two days left, can we count on your support?

Great reporting doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, diligence and a lot of hard work. But it pays off.

Our journalism has spurred shareholder action against banks, uncovered new information about Ottawa’s case for Trans Mountain and moved the needle on Canada’s climate diplomacy. We’ve unpacked the looming oil and gas rush off the East Coast, exposed right-wing operatives on Facebook and followed a legal fight to hold Ontario accountable on climate change. We’ve explored how big questions about climate change intersect with Indigenous rights and we’ve detailed the “unjustifiable” police behaviour against climate activists that led an RCMP officer to resign.

We can’t tell these stories without support. You are the force behind our journalism. Your contributions, no matter how small, allow us to keep searching for the whole story. The information we have — and what we do with it — will shape the next chapter of the climate crisis.

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