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Canada's climate change minister on how she navigates the crisis (Listen)

​​When I caught up with Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna after Question Period in mid-May, she'd just given impassioned arguments in the House about the costs of the climate crisis being passed down to youth. In the half hour we spent together, McKenna talked about the biggest challenges she faces as a leader, and how she keeps going at this critical time.  ​

Introducing the Election Integrity Reporting Project

The goal of the Election Integrity Project is to identify the online bots, track the dark money and secret funders, and find out more about the suspicious practices of bad actors. We'll focus on exposing and fact-checking climate change denial, Islamophobia and tactics aimed at polarize Canadians. Find out more.

Confronting the Disinformation Age

As the SFU panel wrapped up, Sue Gardner urged Canadians not to go on with business as usual. "The world is f**ked right now. Like seriously. For real. Donald Trump is President. Democracy is crumbling all over the place...There’s all kinds of things happening around Canada. It’s extremely unnerving," she said.