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A strange thing happened to the leaders of the so-called freedom convoy during their occupation of downtown Ottawa last winter: they became celebrities. Now, almost a year later, they desperately want back into the spotlight and plan to use another gathering — this time in Winnipeg — to reclaim their infamy.

Freedom convoy organizers and their supporters contributed exactly nothing to society during the COVID-19 pandemic. They mostly whined and complained about vaccine mandates and mask rules. Some expressed a desire to overthrow the government, while others used the event to wage partisan attacks (often with profanity-laced flags) against the federal Liberal government.

Meanwhile, front-line health professionals across Canada worked tirelessly around the clock to save lives, while ordinary Canadians followed public health rules and made sacrifices to mitigate the spread of a deadly virus.

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I read the whole opinion piece and I agree. These protestors should only get minimal, if any, media coverage.

And they just called it off. Bye bye; 10-7