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Canada’s National Observer editor-in-chief Karyn Pugliese (a.k.a. Pabàmàdiz), was honoured Saturday night by the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) with the prestigious Charles Bury Award for outstanding achievement in Canadian journalism.

The Charles Bury Award is the CAJ’s special president's prize. This year, four prominent journalists were recognized as visionaries who have each, in their own ways, changed, inspired and broken new ground in how Canadian media covers Indigenous stories.

Veteran journalists Tahieròn:iohte Dan David, Duncan McCue and the late Jody Porter were honoured with the Charles Bury Award alongside Pugliese at the 2023 CAJ awards gala at the Wall Centre in Vancouver.

“This year’s honourees personify, in their own distinct ways, the values and commitments to address long overdue systemic, social, political, and cultural changes echoed in the calls to action in Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” said CAJ president Brent Jolly.

The Charles Bury Award is a testament to Pugliese's dedication to and exceptional career in advancing Indigenous reporting across the Canadian media landscape. Her work has furthered reconciliation, amplified injustices and helped to promote greater understanding and awareness of Indigenous cultures and histories, contributing to a more accurate and inclusive Canadian news media.

Canada’s National Observer journalists Matteo Cimellaro and Marc Fawcett-Atkinson also received important nominations at this year’s CAJ Awards in other distinguished categories.

Matteo Cimellaro was nominated for the CAJ’s Emerging Indigenous Journalist Award, and Marc Fawcett-Atkinson, alongside former Canada’s National Observer reporter Jessica McDiarmid, received a nomination in the prestigious Scoops category for the 2022 investigative piece “Right-wing operatives masquerading as local grassroots groups on Facebook.”

“What a remarkable acknowledgement of our entire community to see three of CNO’s journalists honoured by this prestigious organization,” said Linda Solomon Wood, publisher of Canada’s National Observer. “Thanks to our subscribers for the support that gives our team the privilege of producing groundbreaking journalism that drives the national conversation forward and empowers people to act.”

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