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On Thursday, Canada’s National Observer received three nominations for the 8th annual Digital Publishing Awards. The Salmon People podcast was recognized in the categories of the best current events podcast and best arts, culture and society podcast. canadaLANDBACK, a CNO co-production with Canadaland, was also nominated in the latter category.

The shows were chosen from hundreds of entries and recognized for their “excellence in the content and creation of Canadian digital media.”

The Salmon People, by CNO’s managing podcast producer Sandra Bartlett, tells the story of a 30-year battle to save Canada’s wild salmon. The investigation takes listeners into the waters off Vancouver Island, where juvenile wild salmon travel past fish farms on their way to the ocean.

Over the years, fewer and fewer have been successful in making the journey to the ocean and returning to spawn the next generation. The podcast follows biologist Alexandra Morton as she uses science to show that diseases and organisms from fish farms are having a deadly impact on wild salmon.

“It's fantastic to see The Salmon People resonate with so many,” said Bartlett.

“Morton’s story is one that’s important. It's an example of the fight against corporations to save our biodiversity, our food supply and our heritage,” she added.

Karyn Pugliese hosts canadaLANDBACK, with award-winning producer Kim Wheeler. Together, they unpack the divide between Indigenous nations and Canada and explain why today’s youth may be the last generation Canada can negotiate with.

CNO's The Salmon People and canadaLANDBACK podcasts received three nominations for the 8th annual Digital Publishing Awards!

Winners will be presented at a gala in Toronto in June.

The Salmon People was named a Webby Honoree at the 27th Annual Webby Awards and a finalist for the Canadian Journalism Foundation’s Jackman Awards for Excellence in Journalism last month.

The Salmon People and canadaLANDBACK are two of four podcasts CNO launched in the last year. Others include: Maxed Out, hosted by CNO’s lead columnist Max Fawcett; and Hot Politics, hosted by CNO’s deputy managing editor David McKie.

To listen, search for them on your go-to listening app.

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