Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe says he'll unveil today a plan that would see the province’s electrical grid become net zero by 2050 -- 15 years later than Ottawa's target.

Moe says it’s unrealistic for the province to meet the federal government’s proposal, which would require electrical grids be net zero by 2035.

The premier is to speak at a news conference where he’s expected to outline the costs of meeting the 2035 target and how it could negatively affect the delivery of power.

Moe says he is to also discuss how phasing out coal by 2030 would hurt the province, particularly the Boundary Dam power unit that captures carbon.

He says Saskatchewan’s 2050 plan would include greener technologies while also ensuring utility rates remain affordable for customers.

Ottawa’s proposal, which is part of its clean electricity standards, would allow natural gas plants to be used after 2035 as long as they capture carbon or are connected to non-emitting fuels.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published May 16, 2023.