It's a critical time in the world. And Canada desperately needs quality journalism to defend our democracy from Trump-style propaganda, climate denial and intolerance.

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You know, every day the news gets worse.

My heart goes out to the countless innocent women and men, the families, the children, whose lives were just upended by Trump's frightening new immigration edict.

The suffering is escalating and, as it does, the need for much more of exactly what we do every day at National Observer intensifies.

In this moment, it is urgent we engage and speak out as never before, and above all else, that we speak the truth.

But to speak the truth, you have to know it.

As Derek Thompson writes in the New York Times today:

"The next few years will be full of false certainties — and false uncertainties. Objective lies will get government support; objective truths will be darkened by cynicism. It could also be an age of brilliant investigative journalism and renewed civic engagement. Before Mr. Trump, social media had shrunk the universe of news to a handful of preferred stories picked by peers. But democracy was not designed for catharsis, and news was never meant to be therapy. Digging out the truth, for both reporters and readers, is painstaking and sometimes painful work. But the next four years are going to hurt, anyway. We might as well spend the time learning to love digging."

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Being well-informed has never been more important.

Editor's note: This piece was updated on Saturday at 5:03 p.m. and again at 6:15 p.m.

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False certainties and alternative facts. Welcome to the world of fascism.