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Your funding will mean our journalists can probe more deeply into how provincial policy concerning LNG and trophy hunting is impacting the lives of whales and bears in the Great Bear Rainforest. Please act now!

Your dollars will also pay for reporting on how global warming is impacting salmon in British Columbia.

With an election pending, this is an opportune time to tell these stories. But we can't do it without you.

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National Observer's 'Stand for Truth' t shirt, designed by reporter Elizabeth McSheffrey
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A history of award-winning animal stories

And when it comes to animals, we get it.

In 2016, our senior national reporter Elizabeth McSheffrey won the Clement Award for Media from the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals for her unparalleled coverage of animal welfare issues in Canada.

Her investigations uncovered the legislative loopholes that permit cruel farming practices in Canada, the ethics of animal liberation, how pets keep getting caught in fur traps, and the deficiencies in a federally-funded regulator for animals in science.

Elizabeth caught Canadian luxury retailer, Kit and Ace, lying to the public about its use of dog fur, which ultimately led to the company banning its use the following year.

With newsrooms laying off journalists at an alarming rate, you may be wondering where it all will lead. You can make a difference right now in getting important information to the public. You can be sure the stories of animals are told in a factual, powerful and meaningful way.

So, please support 'Report on the State of the Animal' today! Thank you!

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Thank you for all you do to Protect our beloved Animals : and to give them a Voice !