National Observer reporter Elizabeth McSheffrey took home the prestigous Clements Award on Saturday for her outstanding investigative reporting in support of animal welfare.

The Clements Award for media and communications is presented annually by the Vancouver-based Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (Fur-Bearers) to a single journalist or news organization for coverage that promotes peaceful coexistence with wildlife and puts the spotlight on critical legislative animal rights issues in Canada.

Since 2015, McSheffrey has led National Observer's State of the Animal special report, covering the ethics of fur farm liberations, laws that get pets caught in fur traps, and the increasing number of animals used in painful science experiments in Canada. She has also written extensively about British Columbia's grizzly bear trophy hunt, and bear cub executions at the hands of the B.C. Conservation Officer Service which prompted outrage across the country.

Her knockout coverage included a massive multimedia investigation into the nightmarish lives of fur-farmed mink and fox in Canada, and a scandalous expose of Canadian luxury retailer Kit and Ace (run by the family of Lululemon founder, Chip Wilson) who tried to cover up the use of canine fur in hats. The Kit and Ace investigation was picked up by media outlets all over the country, resulted in an internal investigation by the company, and a promise that the company will “no longer be utilizing any kind of fur or animal product” in any of its clothing moving forward."

“Unlike a lot of journalists, Elizabeth goes really in depth to the story," said Adrian Nelson, wildlife conflict manager and director of communications for the Fur-Bearers. "She really delves into these stories to get the facts behind it, to get the reason behind it.

"Nowhere have we seen the types of stories that she brings forward. We just don’t see it in journalism anymore.

"I am honoured and humbled to receive the Clements Award," McSheffrey said.

"Regardless of where you stand on animal rights issues, these stories — made possible with the support of Fur-Bearers — force us all as taxpayers to ask critical questions about our government's lack of regulatory oversight of animal welfare and loose laws for labelling controversial fur products. As constituents, we have the right to answers."

National Observer also covers animal welfare issues such as B.C.'s controversial wolf cull, and species under threat as a result of climate change. Vancouver Observer received a Clements Award in 2015 for coverage by Claire Hume and Mychaylo Prystupa of the B.C. trophy hunt.

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A hero for animal welfare, and showing what really goes on at fur farms. She has written many investigative reports trophy hunts grizzlies in B.C., fur farms, importation of feline fur China and much more. Too bad our PM does not listen more to what she has done.