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Climate activist Greta Thunberg is appearing in court on Monday on a charge of disobeying police at a protest in southern Sweden last month.

Local newspaper Sydsvenskan reported that Thunberg and other activists were detained after they stopped traffic in the oil terminal of the port in Malmö on June 19.

Thunberg was charged because she refused to comply with police orders to leave the scene during the protest, according to Swedish Prosecution Authority spokeswoman Annika Collin and a statement from prosecutors.

Prosecutor Charlotte Ottosen told the newspaper that the crime of disobedience is typically punishable with fines.

Thunberg inspired a global youth movement demanding stronger efforts to fight climate change after staging weekly protests outside the Swedish Parliament starting in 2018.

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Wait--in Sweden, disobeying the police is a crime? What if they order you to do something illegal? What if they order you to suck their whatnot?