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How to check who’s posting ads to your local Facebook page

Earlier this month, a Canada's National Observer investigation uncovered links between a half-dozen self-professed grassroots Facebook pages across the country and Canada Proud founder Jeff Ballingall, a prominent right-wing political strategist, and his associates. Here's a quick guide for those who want to figure out who is running political ads on their community Facebook pages.

We're in a disinformation war with Russia. So far, they're winning

Russia’s digital brigades have been busy at work here in Canada as well. The recent trucker convoy that occupied Ottawa for the better part of a month was aided and abetted by foreign forces, and that seems to have Russian fingerprints on it. RT, a major conduit for Russian propaganda and A self-described “info weapon,” ran upwards of 1,200 stories on the occupation, writes Max Fawcett.