On Oct. 19, Canadians will cast their ballots in what is arguably the most important federal election in the country's recent history.

Voters have a tough decision to make over the next seven weeks as they weigh the meaty campaign promises of Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair, and Elizabeth May. The pressure to pick a favourite colour (blue, red, orange, or green) has never been higher; the only question left is:

Are you ready?

Fortunately for the curious or undecided voter, Maclean's Magazine has designed an online "policy face-off" tool that engages users in an entertaining political campaign game of "Would you rather." The tool pits two federal party stances on contentious issues (think pipelines, tax cuts, and omnibus bills) against one another at random, and asks the voter to choose between them. Here's an example:

Which proposal do you prefer?

A) Speed up the removal of foreign nationals and permanent residents who commit serious crimes?

B) Support the Keystone XL pipeline project

The questions are tailored to your province of choice, and the federal parties are not identified in this question. After selecting at least 20 preferred policies, the website presents you with an analysis of your choices between the Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Green party platforms. Click the icon below to be redirected to This or That? Maclean's Magazine Policy Face-Off Machine.

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Election Day is Oct. 19. Check your status as a registered voter on the Elections Canada website.

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