The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is asking everyone on Saturday during Earth Hour to donate an hour’s worth of their social media feeds to help draw attention to climate change.

“Switch on your social power to shine a light on climate action,” the organization urges.

The offical 2016 Earth Hour video titled The Future Starts Today. Video: YouTube

People either have the option of “donating” their social media pages to a series of posts from the WWF and Earth Hour or customizing their profile picture so that it depicts light rays beaming up with the the words #changeclimatechange beneath.

"When Canadians switch their lights off Saturday we're asking them go beyond the hour to commit to action they can take year-round to combat global warming and create lasting change,” David Miller, president and CEO of WWF-Canada, said in a statement.

"With governments actively working to address climate change, Canadians can now use their voices to speak up in support.”

Earth Hour takes place around the world this year on Saturday, March 19, at 8:30 p.m.

Last year, 172 countries took part in Earth Hour. More than 10,400 landmarks and buildings switched off their lights, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Acropolis in Athens and Niagara Falls.

Earth Hour began in Sydney, Australia in 2007 as a way to unite people and deliver a message to a then-sceptical government that climate change was important to Australians. Since then, the hour has become a global movement.

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