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Today, I'm introducing National Observer’s new code of ethics.

For you, the reader, this clear set of guidelines can be used to hold us accountable for what we publish.

We're in an era where facts matter more than ever, and I believe that these commitments are an important way to help protect rights, democracy and the future of an independent media.

It's an uphill battle

Let’s face it: we all know today that journalism is facing an uphill battle to survive. A lot of media outlets are struggling financially, and now, it would seem as though a lot of you aren't sure whether you can trust us.

Some journalists have been blamed for failing to hold politicians to account in recent elections. They've been accused of being distracted by small issues instead of focusing on what affects the daily lives of our readers.

Also, a deadly wave of falsehoods — more commonly known today as "fake news" — threatens to drown out facts and evidence.

It's clear that some political operatives and spin doctors are deceptively using this new "fake news" expression to attack legitimate journalists and confuse the public about inconvenient facts and evidence.

But I have faith in readers like you to step forward to battle this threat. And I have confidence in my colleagues at National Observer to rise to this challenge and demonstrate what a free and independent press can do as your watchdog.

By introducing these guidelines today, I'm making a personal commitment to defend and protect responsible journalism at National Observer.

Correcting mistakes, sharing success

But we're not perfect.

There’s no doubt that I will make mistakes. But I will fix those mistakes and try to improve, while continuing to investigate and report on the issues you care about. So if you see an error in a National Observer article, please tell us so that we can correct it. At the same time, whenever you see a piece of exceptional journalism on our pages, please be sure to share it and help spread the word to your friends and families about a media outlet that exists to serve you.

You can count on National Observer to continue to work for you. And I will count on you to keep pushing us to do more.

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