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Roughneck's story is not so straight up.

excerpt: As for Mr. Hancock himself, he suggested in a Sept. 21 Facebook post that the campaign would likely soon turn to attacks on Alberta Premier Rachel Notley: “There is lots of stuff going on politically in the next 6 weeks that’s in the works and it’s got Notley in its crosshairs,” he stated.

David Climenhaga
‘Bernard the Roughneck’ campaign has been in preparation for months, may soon target Rachel Notley

Roughneck also examined here:

Mike: I am a subscriber because you are doing a fantastic job of investigative reporting. I am very concerned about the concentration of newspapers in the hands of Postmedia and Rupert Murdoch. The National Observer is essential to freeing the press from corporate bias and influence.

An independent and strong free press is a cornerstone of democracy.
I fear for our democracy. Already contributed to Nat Observer and will contribute more soon.
John Mc

I subscribed last year and will continue to support your important work. Thank you for what you do.

I have subscribed Mike. Wishing you all the best!

I subscribed earlier this week. Good investigative journalism is important in a democracy.

I am both a subscriber and a donor to the National Observer. Before reading National Observer and a few other publications I believe that Canada could not be a democracy because the mainstream media is controlled by a few extremely wealthy people and does not produce informative coverage of virtually any important event. Reading the National Observer has given me hope that we may eventually get an adequate percentage of the media producing real information on which voters can make decisions rather than the current situation where the mainstream media both press send electronic is filled largely with the propaganda of the 1%.

In a representative democracy citizens must have good information in order to make intelligent voting decisions. Organizations like the national post and its sister papers are extremely biased in favor of those who control society and as such can contribute nothing to democracy in Canada.

I regret that the article did not include the name of the intellectual and ethical prostitute who took $10,000 to do a hatchet job and pretend it was an independent article.