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A 15-year-old Syrian refugee who came with her family to Canada in 2016 thanked Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in person this week.

“I sincerely hoped to be able to meet and personally thank the person who has given my family and I the opportunity to start a new life filled with endless possibilities,” Marwa Harb said in a media release issued by The Children’s Wish Foundation, which organized the meeting.

Harb has congenital myopathy and severe scoliosis. The Children’s Wish Foundation says that, in Canada, she is able to receive “life-altering treatment,” go to school and learn English.

Trudeau said on his Twitter account that it was a pleasure to host the family on Parliament Hill and that he was touched by Harb's story.

Approximately 40,000 Syrian refugees have come to live in Canada since today’s visit a reality.

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