Canadians will finally see Health Canada's modern spin on healthy eating today.

Health Minister Ginette Petipas Taylor will unveil an overhauled Canada Food Guide in Montreal this morning.

The guide is expected to have a bigger focus on plant-based sources of proteins, a change which has already sparked concern among industry players including dairy and beef farmers.

When the food guide review began several years ago Health Canada officials said the facelift would be based on input from scientists and health experts as well as feedback from Canadians.

They said they would not meet with industry stakeholders or base the new guide to healthy eating on research from food industries.

A document put out by Health Canada for consultation said most Canadians do not eat enough vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and many also consume drinks with lots of sugar.

It also said a shift is needed towards a more plant-based and fibre-rich foods, and that Canadians should eat less red meat and saturated fats.