Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is taking aim at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ahead of this fall's federal election.

Kenney, a former federal Conservative cabinet minister, took to Twitter over the weekend to say the people of his province have been "rightfully frustrated" by an "unfair deal" they are getting in the federation.

He says Albertans are proud Canadians and he doesn't want to let Trudeau "push us out of our country."

Kenney also says he would rather focus on separating Trudeau from the Prime Minister's Office.

Trudeau's office has not issued a statement in response to the premier but Alberta Liberal cabinet minister Amarjeet Sohi did weigh in, saying the federal government is delivering for the province despite the "premier's rhetoric."

During his campaign to become premier, Kenney was outspoken about opposing Trudeau on issues including the carbon tax and equalization payments.

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Just shut up, Kenney. Half of Alberta didn't vote for you. Be more concerned for your own job. Prime Ministers are supposed to take the entire country into consideration, not merely one province, as you are used to.