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Grizzly Bears Safe from Trophy Hunting in B.C.

“... It was National Observer that helped British Columbians really understand the value of this iconic species and the importance of saving them. Thank you everyone at National Observer!” — Trish Boyum, guide operator, Great Bear Rainforest

Grizzly bears are now safe from trophy hunting in British Columbia. For many years, Vancouver and National Observer kept a drumbeat of coverage going on this issue, as testified by the quote up top from Trish Boyum, one of the province’s ecotourism operators. See Jorge Amigo's infographic, "Who killed the trophy hunt?" for more detail.

Cleaner Air for Ontario

National Observer's groundbreaking “Price of Oil” collaboration has resulted in action by Ontario government. “Price of Oil” is the largest partnership of its kind ever undertaken in Canada — a project of National Observer along with Global TV, the Toronto Star, the Corporate Mapping project, The Michener Foundation and journalism schools at the universities of Concordia, Ryerson, Regina and British Columbia.

Trans Mountain pipeline

Observer Media was early, again, to cover the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion, even when the project was almost free of controversy in 2011. More recently, National Observer investigations have made explosive revelations about the project and the decision-making process behind approval of the pipeline by the federal government. You can read full, ongoing coverage here.

Energy East pipeline reporting

As you probably know, the largest pipeline ever proposed in Canada — Energy East — was abandoned. The project would have crossed almost 3,000 waterways (828 in Quebec alone) endangering the drinking water of 5 million Canadians. The project was abandoned following extensive coverage by National Observer, most notably the explosive revelations that led to the suspension of project hearings, recusal of the chair and members of the National Energy Board and the restaffing of the NEB by the Trudeau government. A full modernization of the agency is now underway.