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Mark Jaccard, author of A Citizen's Guide to Climate Success, said that when it comes to addressing the climate crisis, it’s likely that neither international nor even domestic policy consensus will ever be achieved.

Jaccard told Canada’s National Observer founder and editor-in-chief Linda Solomon Wood, “There will never be unity around the world on how fast and how hard to go on greenhouse gas reduction. And there will never be unity in Canada on how fast and how hard to go.”

Accepting pluralism is “part of the whole maturity” of understanding the situation, he said, during an online public event Thursday sponsored by Canada's National Observer and produced by the Canadian Centre for Journalism.

The overwhelming nature of climate change causes myth-making, which complicates action, Jaccard said.

Watch the entire conversation with Mark Jaccard here:

Mark Jaccard in conversation with Linda Solomon Wood on April 8, 2021.