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The 2019 election was always about race

If the country is serious about race, Canadians would connect the dots and ask hard questions of our top leaders: we would ask when they acknowledged racism, if they understand racism — and if they don't, why they believe they are best suited to help all the communities in this country. 

Ten steps to sustainability

Given the climate emergency, can Canadians overcome the political obstacles to dramatically reducing their dependence on fossil fuels? Former environmental commissioner Dianne Saxe provides a roadmap.
Indigenous Suicide

Canada's Indigenous suicide crisis is worse than we thought

A Statistics Canada report’s central finding — that First Nations people die by suicide at three times the rate of non-Indigenous Canadians, Inuit at nine times the rate, and Métis at two times — illustrates a crisis but is not likely to surprise those familiar with previous statistics. For those unfamiliar, it puts Inuit among the people with the highest rates of suicide anywhere in the world.