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Mother Jones and National Observer invite you to 'Journalism in the Time of Trump'

How can we make sure, in the United States, and Canada, that we continue to have the kind of journalism the moment calls for? Please join Steve Katz, Publisher of Mother Jones, named 2017 Magazine of the Year, and me, Linda Solomon Wood, Editor-in-Chief of National Observer, at 7:30 p.m. on November 16 in Vancouver for a discussion of investigative journalism in the time of Trump.

A salute to journalists everywhere

Ask any person of colour how they feel the day after a terrorist attack. My friends tell me the hate is palpable. We are a much less civil society than we like to think. These are troubled times and tolerance is on the run. To think that we are immune to barbarism is naïve, myopic and dangerous. And journalists are a fundamental safeguard against such a descent. We must recognize them as such.