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This year, we're committed to reporting on these topics that touch the lives of Canadians:

  • How international corporations with ties to the fossil fuel industry are bullying Canada

  • How “dark money” keeps harmful toxins in products you consume

  • How lax regulation of agriculture hurts the environment and public health

  • Doug Ford’s use of your tax dollars to strip away environmental protections

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I'm glad to see that you have a commitment to a living future for our species on this planet, rather than just a fossil trace as for those already extinct. I hope your efforts to make known widely the information already identified to achieve a sustainable Biosphere , are very successful. From what I am able to glean from the small sample I am able to see, our advanced societies, are not interested enough in a sustainable future to allow one to happen, certainly not for the more complex life forms such as us Sapiens . The 'window' to be successful is fast closing, as short term destructive goals mask the impending Armageddon . Perhaps J.B. will trigger the change to a brighter Future in time!