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Pierre Poilievre will address the national Conservative caucus today for the first time since handily securing the party's leadership over the weekend.

Poilievre is set to meet with the Tories' members of Parliament and senators in Ottawa, where many had already gathered to see his big win.

The longtime MP cruised to the opposition leader's office with a blowout victory that saw him capture nearly all of the country's 338 ridings and nearly reach the 70 per cent support mark from party members.

Poilievre has already begun transitioning into his new role as leader, having just over a week to do so before the House of Commons resumes on Sept. 20.

He enjoyed the support of 62 out of the party's other 118 MPs during the leadership campaign.

He will need to decide which of them serves in a critic role and reach out to those who didn't back him, including most of the Conservative's 10 MPs from Quebec who endorsed the province's former premier Jean Charest.

Monday's caucus meeting also marks the first time party MPs will get a chance to see how Poilievre intends to both lead and manage their internal matters.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Sept. 12, 2022.

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