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Timely words of wisdom from a master weaver and graduate of the school of life

Debra Sparrow is a master weaver from the Musqueam First Nation who graduated from the school of life. She was decolonizing before it was cool, she said during a First Nations Forward Facebook live interview. Sparrow followed her grandfather around for 15 years, researched stories of her people in museums, and thread by thread, found herself, and what it meant to be successful.

Indigenous-led conservation signals path forward for Canada's first marine protected area network

The Gwaii Haanas National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, also a Haida Heritage Site, is a prominent example of Indigenous-led, co-operatively managed marine protected areas (MPAs) in Canada, write Ross Jameson, an ocean conservation manager with the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society and Stephanie Hewson, staff lawyer at West Coast Environmental Law.

We desperately need to be talking about food sovereignty

Dawn Morrison has dedicated a large part of her life to educating around the unsustainability of the global food industry, which moved from local place-based foods and traditional harvesting, hunting and fishing after the industrial revolution. She says COVID19 should be a massive wake up call for people to stop placing profit over people, and to return to ways that nurture food sovereignty.

Message from an Indigenous mother to her three-year-old during COVID-19

“Will aunty die from the virus?” Andrea Landry's three-year-old daughter asked her one morning while they were playing quietly on the floor. Landry recognized her daughter's fear, and she recognized her own. She knew this pandemic was an invitation to feel complicated emotions, but also a time to look to traditional knowledge systems, to survive in the same way as her ancestors did.