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Major world news stories of last year and how they were related

In an era of click-bait and instant gratification, a sea-change may be hard to apprehend. The mass migrations we are witnessing is one such revolution. So, too, is the rise of the right and populism everywhere, whether ISIS, Trump, or Modi. The question is whether the perfect storm of anger and hate on one hand, and apathy combined with willful ignorance on the other, will rise to the fore.

A salute to journalists everywhere

Ask any person of colour how they feel the day after a terrorist attack. My friends tell me the hate is palpable. We are a much less civil society than we like to think. These are troubled times and tolerance is on the run. To think that we are immune to barbarism is naïve, myopic and dangerous. And journalists are a fundamental safeguard against such a descent. We must recognize them as such.