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David Suzuki, Sandy Hudson, Catherine McKenna, Bruce Lourie, Graham Saul and Chomsky

David Suzuki, Catherine McKenna, Tzeporah Berman, Bruce Lourie, Graham Saul, Noam Chomsky on the fork in the road: a conversation series broadly agreed on some of the principles for post-pandemic Canada. Invest in green energy that can replace fossil fuels. Electrify the supply and distribution of power. Don’t subsidize or bail out big gas and oil companies.

Noam Chomsky: 'In a couple of generations, organized human society may not survive.' 

In recent years, Chomsky has turned his mind to the existential threat of global warming, a “threat to the perpetuation of organized human life,” on par with nuclear war. Now, in an exclusive interview with National Observer on Jan. 22, Chomsky directly addresses the specific relationship between media and the climate crisis.