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Ford ends independence for all officers of the Ontario legislature

By failing to bend to the governing party’s wishes, legislative officers will risk their jobs, though their jobs are explicitly to shine light on things gone wrong. And just to make sure the threat is clear, Bill 57 also removes the ability of eliminated officers to seek compensation in the courts for lost income, writes former longtime Ontario environment commissioner Gord Miller.
François Legault at CAQ election headquarters on election night, Oct. 2 2018

Solidarity with Muslim women remains elusive at the Fédération des femmes du Québec

During a special meeting, the Fédération des femmes du Québec took a controversial stance to support sex workers, officially declaring that women can make a free-will decision to enter the sex trade as a legitimate career choice. However, that reasoning of free will does not seem to extend to Quebec’s Muslim women who choose to wear religious head coverings, such as hijabs and niqabs.

Canadians are keen to cut meat consumption, but is it enough?

While a move away from traditional meat-centred meals may be upon us (particularly if you are an educated female under 38, according to a Dalhousie University survey), I no longer find myself congratulating every new "reducetarian" with the thought that every little helps. A little is nowhere near enough to protect the environment and the animals, writes Jessica Scott-Reid.