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Major world news stories of last year and how they were related

In an era of click-bait and instant gratification, a sea-change may be hard to apprehend. The mass migrations we are witnessing is one such revolution. So, too, is the rise of the right and populism everywhere, whether ISIS, Trump, or Modi. The question is whether the perfect storm of anger and hate on one hand, and apathy combined with willful ignorance on the other, will rise to the fore.

Who the hell is @RVAwonk and how is she cracking the Kremlin's code?

This was the year that transformed Donald Trump from buffoon candidate into president of the United States and sent the globe careening toward the precipice over which it now teeters. It was the year the world began to comprehend how deeply Russian propaganda has penetrated the American psyche. They used a wholly unexpected and lethal weapon — our own irresistible addiction to the Internet.

Addiction is not a crime, nor a moral failure

These days, we as a society are talking and writing a lot about deaths related to addiction, and the drugs that fuel them. But we've been glacially slow to deal with this human tragedy because of deep-seated, long-standing and widespread prejudice against addicts.

Environmental pressures among the strongest drivers of economic self-sufficiency for First Nations

Clean energy sits at the very core of this expansion as the world shifts from high carbon industries to low and zero carbon. This is about the transition away from sunset industries to sunrise industries. It is about engaging directly with First Nations communities so that they can benefit from local power production, ownership and sustainable economic development.