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Climate Change is Here, Alex Benay, Catherine McKenna, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

Cities have unique opportunity to lead fight against climate change

As Ontarians prepare to go to the polls to elect their municipal representatives on Oct. 22, voters should pay particular attention to candidates who propose concrete measures to protect the environment, advocate for sustainable development policies and equip our cities with green infrastructure in an effort to flight climate change, writes Ottawa candidate Anthony Carricato

Change isn't always a good thing

While Legault may claim that he's not a social conservative, his win is a sad testament to the fact that tribalism, fear mongering, and xenophobia were powerful motivators for a lot of people. And if not outright motivators, they were simply not enough of a deterrence for many people to abstain from voting for him, which is just as disconcerting

Why Canada should reject 'a race to the bottom' with the United States

“Competitiveness” is the buzzword dominating formal hearings and lobbying behind the scenes for the federal budget, in the wake of President Donald Trump slashing U.S. corporate tax rates and amid turbulence in negotiations for a new North American Free Trade Agreement. A researcher at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives asks: Does it have to be a race to the bottom?

'We want the right deal': Carr

In an opinion column, Minister of International Trade Diversification Jim Carr touts the benefits of the year-old Canada-European Union trade agreement and vows "our government will not settle for any deal" with the United States.