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Please, inspire us

Our names are Monica and Niklas. We’re two young people who have grown up with austerity our entire lives while inheriting a dying earth. With climate change on every party’s agenda for the 2019 election our question is simple: do any of the party leaders have a climate plan that matches the scale and urgency youth demand?

Time to reform inhumane treatment

Bill C-83 proposes significant changes to solitary confinement. It will mandate that Correctional Service Canada dedicate the appropriate human resources for sustained rehabilitative efforts. Until now, the opportunity for parole officers, program officers, and teachers to spend quality time with the highest needs offenders has been minimal if any at all.

Ontario workers face less protection from injury

Things are going to get worse for Ontario’s workers, due to decisions by Doug Ford’s government to cut funding to workers’ health and safety programs. The Progressive Conservative government is cutting the number of proactive inspections and safety inspectors and support for injured workers.

Let's get our story right

We could curb every greenhouse gas emission in the world tomorrow but we would still have a global water crisis, writes Maude Barlow. She suggests it's wrong to blame climate change alone for the flooding in Eastern Canada.