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McGill profs resign from Board of Governors over investment in fossil fuels

Last week, we submitted our resignations as elected faculty representatives to the Board of Governors of McGill University. Our years of experience on the board suggest to us that it will most likely reject a recent resolution by the McGill Senate in support of divestment of the university’s endowment fund from fossil fuel companies. Such a decision would be unconscionable...

It’s time to make Canada a leader in sustainable finance

Without meaningful action on climate risk, Canada risks falling further behind our global peers. The Expert Panel notes that the relationship between the economy and the environment is at a “critical inflection point.” Let’s hope the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance’s final report sets out a path to bring Canada’s financial institutions and capital markets into the new climate reality.

Confronting the Disinformation Age

As the SFU panel wrapped up, Sue Gardner urged Canadians not to go on with business as usual. "The world is f**ked right now. Like seriously. For real. Donald Trump is President. Democracy is crumbling all over the place...There’s all kinds of things happening around Canada. It’s extremely unnerving," she said.