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Canada's official Opposition lacks the climate plan to govern

In the years to come, our children and grandchildren will ask us how our generation’s leaders could be so short-sighted, so selfish, as to spout the rhetoric of climate leadership, reconciliation, and even economic prosperity to the public, knowing full well that they were condemning future generations to a planet with crumbling life support systems.
Michael Wernick, Nathalie Drouin, PCO, justice, SNC-Lavalin

Canada's top public servant denies being partisan

I am disappointed to be accused of partisanship by people who have never met me. My career is on the public record. I have held the highest security clearances of this country for many years. I was named to Deputy Minister level positions by Prime Ministers Chretien, Martin, Harper and Trudeau, said Michael Wernick in his opening statement to a parliamentary committee on March 6, 2019.