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Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard speaks at a ceremony marking the Fete Nationale, on Thursday, June 22, 2017 in Quebec City.

Women are the majority in Quebec. Why is gender parity so hard for politicians?

With a provincial election only months away, and with demands for forced quotas back in the spotlight, it’s fascinating to watch the uncomfortable public squirming of party leaders take place; trying not to alienate female voters while simultaneously circumventing demands to legally force political parties to enforce parity in their pool of candidates.

The Warrior Song of Ta’ah Amy George

When the Tsleil Waututh (People of the Inlet) found out in 2012 about Kinder Morgan’s expansion plans (twinning the pipeline, dredging Burrard Inlet, increasing tanker traffic seven-fold to transport toxic bitumen to China), they held a community gathering on their reserve across the inlet from Kinder Morgan’s Westridge facility.
Alek Minassian, Toronto, Yonge Street

Violence rarely comes from nowhere

I know male rage really well. While the men in my real life are overwhelmingly good people, the men in my virtual life are overwhelmingly terrible, writes Nora Loreto. Years ago, the first time my life was seriously threatened, it was white hot, racist male rage that insisted they would find me if I didn’t stop talking about systemic racism.

Racial profiling a systemic problem for Montreal police

This past Saturday, racial profiling involving the Montreal police again made the front-page news when a biracial couple alleged that they were violently mistreated by Montreal police officers for "walking while black". They were on their way to brunch at 10 a.m. when police intercepted them and told them that they were being “too loud”.