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ELIZABETH MAY: Why environmental law matters

In 1976, I participated in my first environmental assessment. It was a review of a proposed hydroelectric dam carved out of land that had been in Cape Breton Highlands National Park. What I didn’t know when I showed up in the high school gym in Baddeck, Nova Scotia for the hearings was that the Wreck Cove Hydro Project was the subject of the first federal review ever in Canada.

A salute to journalists everywhere

Ask any person of colour how they feel the day after a terrorist attack. My friends tell me the hate is palpable. We are a much less civil society than we like to think. These are troubled times and tolerance is on the run. To think that we are immune to barbarism is naïve, myopic and dangerous. And journalists are a fundamental safeguard against such a descent. We must recognize them as such.

Where was the FBI on Trump?

As Americans and millions around the world sit transfixed by the news emerging from the Mueller investigation, one question seems glaringly absent. How did a guy like Trump elude major scrutiny by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the IRS, gambling regulators and every other major police agency for his entire adult life?