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Standing Rock confrontation, AP

Life and death at Trans Mountain pipeline

David Dodge, former Bank of Canada governor, advisor to Alberta’s NDP government, made a grim prediction about the pipeline: “There are some people that are going to die in protesting construction of this pipeline. We have to understand that. Nevertheless, we have to be willing to enforce the law,” Dodge told a forum in Edmonton. Kevin Taft weighs in on Dodge's foreboding words.
Alyssa Arbuckle, photograph by Tracy Giesz-Ramsay, June 2018

Who owns knowledge?

"Their profit margins are bigger than oil and gas. Most people don’t know this,” explains Alyssa Arbuckle, Associate Director of a digital humanities lab at the University of Victoria.
Ancient Forest Alliance campaigner TJ Watt beside an enormous, freshly fallen western red cedar.

Environmentalists accuse B.C. government of fudging the numbers to log some of the world's biggest trees

Environmentalists have accused the B.C. government of lying about the amount of majestic, centuries-old trees left standing in the province. The National Observer reported last month that the B.C. government, through B.C. Timber Sales, had approved permits for logging that saw some of the world’s biggest red cedar and Douglas fir trees cut down in the Nahmint Valley on Vancouver Island.