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Yes, climate change is a crisis: surveys

Yes, there are some crises in Canada, but they are not related to pipelines, you told us in a series of surveys. After many people were buzzing about a new Angus Reid poll that concluded most Canadians believed the country faces a crisis due to a lack of pipelines, we did a few informal surveys of our own on some questions that the pollsters may have forgotten.

Ontario environment watchdogs say Doug Ford just gutted a law that protects your rights

“I’m outraged and heartbroken,” Dianne Saxe, Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, said in an interview. “What a way to mark the 25th anniversary of the Environmental Bill of Rights, but to silence the commissioner and restrict the rights of the public. The government is saying to people, you can can trust us. They say they're going to police themselves. Now, when has that ever worked?”
Climate Change is Here, Alex Benay, Catherine McKenna, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

Cities have unique opportunity to lead fight against climate change

As Ontarians prepare to go to the polls to elect their municipal representatives on Oct. 22, voters should pay particular attention to candidates who propose concrete measures to protect the environment, advocate for sustainable development policies and equip our cities with green infrastructure in an effort to flight climate change, writes Ottawa candidate Anthony Carricato