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Yellow Vests canada

Why isn't Facebook taking Yellow Vests Canada seriously?

In recent weeks and months, yellow vest demonstrations across Canada have frequently attracted far-right extremists and hate groups through their Facebook groups. As Canada's federal election fast approaches ⁠— with all the fierce rhetoric that the campaign is sure to elicit ⁠— real-world consequences, which are already in evidence, could quickly pile up.

Scheer needs to drop Melek — quickly

The federal Conservative leader openly disagreed with Bill 21 and was clear that he would never support a similar bill banning religious symbols at the federal level if he were prime minister. So, why now support an Ontario candidate who seems to uphold the banning of religious pluralism in secular society?
Keenan Aylwin

'There is a great risk to calling out white supremacy in this country'

On June 12, Barrie city council voted unanimously to reprimand Coun. Keenan Aylwin for calling out two Tory MPs for "playing footsies" with white supremacy. The reprimand was the first the council had delivered to one of its own, and in delivering it Barrie, Ontario, has become a microcosmic study in how difficult it can be for governments to effectively tackle the increasingly troubling issue.