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Francois Legault's takes the stage on Oct 1 after the CAQ wins the provincial election

Quebecers slam François Legault's plan to ban religious symbols for teachers, judges, police officers

In 12 years teaching high school students in Montreal, the only comments Furheen Ahmed has received about her hijab are compliments on its colour or pattern, and occasional questions about why she wears the headscarf or what to call it. She is "disheartened, frustrated and confused" by the new Quebec government's plan to ban her from wearing it.

Change isn't always a good thing

While Legault may claim that he's not a social conservative, his win is a sad testament to the fact that tribalism, fear mongering, and xenophobia were powerful motivators for a lot of people. And if not outright motivators, they were simply not enough of a deterrence for many people to abstain from voting for him, which is just as disconcerting